Spam Musubi

The first time i made spam musubi was in high school. i was part of a social/service club and we would make these and sell them around school and the community to raise money.  Other than it being a great bonding experience with all the girls, spam musubis are soooo yummy.  i know spam isnt the greatest health experience ever, but once in a while spam hits the spot.  

all you need to make these musubis are spam, a spam musubi maker (yes, they make em. basically a square acrylic cube that forms rice into, well, a cube), 6 cups of cooked short grain rice, nori (seaweed, one package cut in half, the same width as a slice of spam), soy sauce and a lil' bit of sugar.

slice the spam longwise like a quarter inch thick, you can get about 8 slices out of one can.  pan fry them on medium high heat in a saucepan (you dont have to add oil, cause spam has lots of it ... unfortunately) and drip a little bit of soy sauce onto the spam. sprinkle a little sugar on each slice and flip them over after 2 minutes.  add some soy sauce and sugar to the new side and leave them for about two minutes.  dont overcook the spam, just until its browned and the sugar is carmelized.

after the spam has cooked, you're ready to roll (pun intended, ha).  Place a piece of nori on your working space then the musubi maker on top.  place a slice of spam in the cube.

scoop some rice into the box on top of the spam, and here comes the fun part: use the press part of the musubi maker to squash down to rice to a perfect rectangle then lift up the box and peel off the press and you get this:

Now you're really ready to roll.  Roll the front part backward until the nori ends and secure the loose end with a little bit of water.  just dip your finger in water and dot the edges and let them sit on the edge side so it holds together.

yum yum yummmmm

(oh and i got my spam musubi maker from Mitsuwa for $5, but im sure you can find them online.)
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