New York City!

oh, we had such a fun time!! we hit up most of the places on the "to-eat list" but im still sad we didnt get the potato pizza! oh well, next time! theres a slew of pics, so im gonna let the photos do the talkin ;)

@Lombardis! soo yummy. perfect thin crust, yummy sauce and fresh mozzerella.
FYI it was the first pizzeria ever in NYC, pretty crazy!

me & margie

@Cafe Habana. our FAVORITEST place ever, we went there twice. in four days.
Cafe con Leche ($2.95) for margie, Bloody Mary ($5.95) for me

the best corn ive ever had in my life.
(Mexican Corn $3.95)

Huevos con Chorizo

@macbar a very very cute place that we passed by, its super close to Cafe Habana,
so we went there twice too :)

Mac S'hroom. yum.
(around $7. i also highly recommend the Carbonara!)

@the burger joint. a hidden little gem! its inside le meridian hotel. right past the lobby theres a velvet curtain to the left and a completely tacky neon hamburger sign directs you to the happenin spot. i loved the fact that it was literally a wooden shack housed inside of the le meridian. genius!
@ THE BEST Halal Cart in the City!
53rd & 6th

Chicken over Rice

in line @Magnolias Bakery

it had the most beautiful yummy smell in there!

looks like fun!

now THIS was good. banana pudding

the famous cupcakes.
they were pretty yum. the frosting was a bit on the sweet side for me ...

@dylans candy bar. every time i come here i get a bunch of stuff for jason cause hes a candy freak, and i take a picture of the same step. i love it!

@Rays Pizza in Times Square.

All you can eat/drink sushi/sake for $30/person! omgoodness!
thanks blakely for taking us! i dont know the name to this place though ...


a perfect ending to a perfect trip ...
($5 slice)
ooey gooey perfection!


Never too early for pasta!

I always crave weird things for breakfast and today was no different :) spaghetti with sausage and shaved parmesan reggiano
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Cafe Habana NYC

Our faaaaavorite food so far! This corn can't be beat! I'm a self-professed corn freak (canned green giant niblets are my fave snack). This corn was amaaazing and easily beats every other corn on the cob. Cheesy, crunchy and a little heat from the cayenne powder, sooo deeelish. We said we wouldn't eat the same thing twice but we might just have to make an exception for this yummy corn!


"To-Eat" list for NYC

You know, with all the hoopla surrounding thanksgiving, christmas and new years it was really easy not to get excited for a NYC trip that me and my best friend, margarita had planned like 4 months ago. Now that all of that is over, i am UBER excited!!!! ITS 2 DAYS AWAY! this trip ended up being a little more special because she got engaged! i'm VERY excited for her and soooo happy that we planned our little getaway before she became a fiancee cause now she HAS to hang out with me for a weekend instead of looking at wedding venues :) its all part of the plan, hah! Most importantly, we get to eat our hearts out before she and i whip our butts in shape for her wedding. its a celebration of food & friendship!

So far our "to-eat" list consists of:
  • Halal Cart (Chicken Over Rice) - 53rd & 6th
  • Le Parker Meridien Burger Joint (Burger & Fries & Beer) - 119 W 56th
  • Momofuku Noodle Bar (Pork Buns) - 171 1st Ave
  • Momofuku Milk Bar (Crack Pie) - 207 2nd Ave
  • Cafe Habana (Corn on the Cob) - 17th Prince St.
  • Five Points (Yukon Gold Potato Pizza, UMM FOR SURE) 31 Great Jones St
  • Basso 56 (Italian) - 243 W 56th St
  • Magnolia Bakery (Cupcakes) - 401 Bleeker St. / 200 Columbus Ave
  • Balthazar (Bar Food/Fries/French Food) - 80 Spring St
  • Juniors (Cheesecake) - Brooklyn (if we go), Grand Central Station (if we don't)
  • Prosperity Dumpling - 46 Eldridge St
  • WHATEVER else we see
Obviously, a very tentative list. and were only there for 4.5 days, so we'll see what happens. but im VERY VERY excited to eat all these little yummies and check every baby off this list. the list is just for my reference just in case i lose my handwritten list, phone or memory so if i lose those three, i'll still have this post. MMMmm. so excited.



New Cooking Buys

Who doesn't HEART Target? we all can literally heart target even more now that Valentines stuff is already out! seriously, they are king of getting their holiday merch on point. i mean isnt it still New Years? anyways, i know my Target. and they ALWAYS sell out of the cute seasonal stuff if you dont get it when you see it. so thats what i did ... :)

Large Plastic Pink Serving Bowl $4.99
Small Plastic Red Bowl $2.99

Red Glitter Plate $2.99
Pink Glitter Plate $2.49

Sooo cute for heart shaped sugar cookies!

Set of Three Glass Bowls $14.99

love the colors, love the sizes

Heart Shaped Ramekins $1.99

my absolute favorites! such a bargain!

i think i'll get into the Valentines Day spirit by making some Creme Brulee. although i dont have that fire torch thing. we'll work it out ;)


Dominos New Pizza

Today was the classic case of see it, get it, eat it. Jason and i spent a lazy sunday watching football and the new Dominos pizza commercial came on. they said they revamped the whole thing and created a better crust, better sauce and an all new cheese mix. really? we decided to put it to the test. $5.99 for a medium 2-topping pizza, you really cant pass it up. the only catch is you have to order two. done.

j's : pepperoni, sausage, mushroom. normal cheese, normal sauce.
mine: ham, pineapple, diced tomato. easy cheese, extra sauce.


the only real difference i could taste was the crust cause it was garlicky (yum). but the sauce was really tasty. i dont know how different it is from the old one, but the new one is pretty dang good.
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