Red Velvet Cheesecake!!!!

I know I'm late on this train but I finally got my hands on a piece ... Now excuse me while I devour ...

Thank u cheesecake factory!!


Let's add to the collection ..

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My favorite Salad

I'm going on a somewhat health kick cause of all those vacays I've been taking. Its super hot in LA right now so I decided to whip up my fave salad :)

Butter Lettuce
Hard Boiled Eggs
Turkey Bacon
Hearts of Palm

I'm a ranch girl at heart so I'm using fat free ranch (ick) but a dijon vinaigrette would be wonderful!


Late night ihop

Bad. Bad. Bad. I've been eating terrible lately (and LOVEing it) and my latest conquest are these little new things from ihop. I guess the new Despicable Me animated movie is doing a new promo with them and on the menu are some of these weird cinnamon sugar things they call despicablebuns? Kinda crazy, but I like um. Soft dough that tastes like a churro with cream cheese icing with sprinkles, a little kids (and mine) late night dream come true!


Happy Fathers Day!!

Today I took my stylish dad shopping at one of my favorite places in the world -- South Coast Plaza. It's an obvious fave for many reasons, Christian Louboutin Boutique, the best Bloomingdales and Nordstroms on the west coast, Chanel, YSL, Louis Vuitton ... the list goes on. BUT, the store that has my favorite item every time is Lawry's Carvery. Oooh the signature prime rib sandwich is amazing ($9.99?). Perfectly roasted prime rib (rare for me) lying in between two soft pillows of Ciabatta bread - to DIE for. I got my dad the signature 8oz prime rib platter ($19.99) which comes with coleslaw and a choice of side (we got mashed potatoes). We also added a Caesar salad (5.99) to fill our meaty meal with some veggies :) what a perfect afternoon!


Breakfast, lunch and Dinner - Corner Bakery

hahahahah!! Talk about going crazy!! Today is one of those days where I'm holing myself at home and taking care of business!! No time to think of food, so I have it all ready when I need it.

Starting on a new venture, eeeeep! Nerves!


Eegees in Tucson, AZ

Its a hundred degrees here in Tucson! What I've learned is that you cool down with an Eegees, a HUGE slushy drink that literally freezes your brain. Its the only way to beat the heat here, along with some COLD SNAP YOGURT (more on that later). But my absolute favorite thing about Eegees? Pizza Fries! Little itty bitty crinkle cut fries with pizza sauce, cheese and ranch! Gimme a break, I'm on vacay! ;)
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