New Cooking Buys

Who doesn't HEART Target? we all can literally heart target even more now that Valentines stuff is already out! seriously, they are king of getting their holiday merch on point. i mean isnt it still New Years? anyways, i know my Target. and they ALWAYS sell out of the cute seasonal stuff if you dont get it when you see it. so thats what i did ... :)

Large Plastic Pink Serving Bowl $4.99
Small Plastic Red Bowl $2.99

Red Glitter Plate $2.99
Pink Glitter Plate $2.49

Sooo cute for heart shaped sugar cookies!

Set of Three Glass Bowls $14.99

love the colors, love the sizes

Heart Shaped Ramekins $1.99

my absolute favorites! such a bargain!

i think i'll get into the Valentines Day spirit by making some Creme Brulee. although i dont have that fire torch thing. we'll work it out ;)
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