"To-Eat" list for NYC

You know, with all the hoopla surrounding thanksgiving, christmas and new years it was really easy not to get excited for a NYC trip that me and my best friend, margarita had planned like 4 months ago. Now that all of that is over, i am UBER excited!!!! ITS 2 DAYS AWAY! this trip ended up being a little more special because she got engaged! i'm VERY excited for her and soooo happy that we planned our little getaway before she became a fiancee cause now she HAS to hang out with me for a weekend instead of looking at wedding venues :) its all part of the plan, hah! Most importantly, we get to eat our hearts out before she and i whip our butts in shape for her wedding. its a celebration of food & friendship!

So far our "to-eat" list consists of:
  • Halal Cart (Chicken Over Rice) - 53rd & 6th
  • Le Parker Meridien Burger Joint (Burger & Fries & Beer) - 119 W 56th
  • Momofuku Noodle Bar (Pork Buns) - 171 1st Ave
  • Momofuku Milk Bar (Crack Pie) - 207 2nd Ave
  • Cafe Habana (Corn on the Cob) - 17th Prince St.
  • Five Points (Yukon Gold Potato Pizza, UMM FOR SURE) 31 Great Jones St
  • Basso 56 (Italian) - 243 W 56th St
  • Magnolia Bakery (Cupcakes) - 401 Bleeker St. / 200 Columbus Ave
  • Balthazar (Bar Food/Fries/French Food) - 80 Spring St
  • Juniors (Cheesecake) - Brooklyn (if we go), Grand Central Station (if we don't)
  • Prosperity Dumpling - 46 Eldridge St
  • WHATEVER else we see
Obviously, a very tentative list. and were only there for 4.5 days, so we'll see what happens. but im VERY VERY excited to eat all these little yummies and check every baby off this list. the list is just for my reference just in case i lose my handwritten list, phone or memory so if i lose those three, i'll still have this post. MMMmm. so excited.


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