Dominos New Pizza

Today was the classic case of see it, get it, eat it. Jason and i spent a lazy sunday watching football and the new Dominos pizza commercial came on. they said they revamped the whole thing and created a better crust, better sauce and an all new cheese mix. really? we decided to put it to the test. $5.99 for a medium 2-topping pizza, you really cant pass it up. the only catch is you have to order two. done.

j's : pepperoni, sausage, mushroom. normal cheese, normal sauce.
mine: ham, pineapple, diced tomato. easy cheese, extra sauce.


the only real difference i could taste was the crust cause it was garlicky (yum). but the sauce was really tasty. i dont know how different it is from the old one, but the new one is pretty dang good.
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