End of '09!

09 has been all about food/eating/gorging for me. i vow in '10 to be a healthier human being! however, i find it so hard to part with food. taste, texture, satisfaction .. who can resist? Kate Moss once said "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." Homegirl obviously never had a bite of a Phillipe's French Dip, a Disneyland Corndog or a Sprinkles Red Velvet. Shes missing out. and im also missing out on size 24 Siwy skinny jeans, Vix bikinis and a Birkin bag, but thats besides the point. The truth is, i live to eat and not eat to live. I'm going to run into plenty of roadblocks on my way to healthy living (and by roadblocks i mean, cupcakes) so working out is going to be a key factor for me! I already locked in a workout buddy (Joyce), shoes (Reebok Easy Tones) and cute workout clothes (PINK by Victoria's Secret). 2010 is going to kick ass! Here's wishing everyone a safe & sound New Years!
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