Top Chef Results

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a Voltaggio, but not Bryan!!! ugh, SAD! i really wasn't feelin Michael all season, but i mean i guess he has a reason to be cocky now. hahaha! i really did get a bit sad .. but it is what it is. He really was the top dog in the competition and he deserves to win. Since Michael is local to me maybe we'll go out to the Langham one night and see what this Top Chef is all about. that is ... if he's still there. with $125 G's, he probably won't be for long!

Until next season ... wait! jk, until Top Chef: Just Desserts!! reaaaally cant wait for that one!! i think Carla from last season should come back and make a cameo! that woman was an amazing baker!

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