Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Prosciutto & Simple Meatball Spaghetti

who knew martha had sold food at costco?  she has a whole line of pre-made food like desserts and spreads and even meatballs.  i got these meatballs originally thinking i was going to make some kind of skewer or appetizer but decided to throw them in our last minute meal instead.  it worked out great cause they are pre-cooked and they have a lemony taste to them which was good with the simple trader joes marinara that i used.  instead of garlic bread i decided on grilled cheese with yummy prosciutto.  i sliced up some tillamook sharp cheddar and put it on orowheat buttermilk bread and layed down the prosciutto.  

my dad gave me this square grill pan and i never knew what it was for until the grilled cheese .. it was perfect despite the fact that it got real hot real fast and burned up my 'wiches :(

i was surprised this meal turned out so yum cause it was the first time i didnt follow a recipe and i actually enjoyed the art of cooking. and by art i mean throwing things together and heating it up. heh heh heh
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