Lime Shortbread Cookies with White Chocolate and Almonds

i just love having all the ingredients in my pantry ready to rock on a recipe and then when i get everything all settled out and i realize that i dont have the appliance.  a cuisinart food processor is something that i've always wanted but never felt like i needed it because not too many recipes call for it.  except for this one.  so i hauled over to my parents restaurant and stole it (um, i am by no means advising stealing) while preheating my oven (again, not advisable to leave the house while a oven is on). im glad i did all that because these shortbreads are awesome!  first of all a food processor is necessary here because it cuts all the butter into the flour and sugar perfectly. 

make sure to flatten the dough in the pan as evenly as possible without being too tough.  the edges are going to be a little on the thin so its also important to note not to overcook these shortbreads because they will get dry. While those are heating melt the white chocolate and chop up the almonds. i like to toss my chopped almonds on a pan and toss them around for a couple minutes so they get toasty.

these are totally yum. the white chocolate drizzle adds creaminess and the almonds add the crunch. jason loved them, my parents loved them. ooh!  maybe if i make them enough times it will convince them to get me my very own cuisinart food processor. Orrr  i hold their old one hostage.  Orrr when they realize their old one is missing they will get a new one and i will make the swap. Orrr ....

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