I heart Trader Joes ..

I'm having a cute halloween cocktail hour this weekend so I stopped by my fave TJ's to stock up on some Prosecco, my fave festive beverage. As I was stocking up my cart I noticed a sign that said "$3.99 sweet! Tastes like soda!" (The handwritten notes that the crew members write singlehandedly are my decision makers) I figured, eh its 4 bucks. Let's try it.

Got home, chilled it, popped it open champagne style and took a sip. For some reason I was thinking omg this might be gross. But it really wasn't!! Its kinda on the sweet side (I'm telling you, those trader joes signs are spot on!) but I think its perfect for a weeknight drink. Which is precisely what I'm doing at the moment. Try to find this the next time you're shopping at trader joes!


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