Parmesan Biscuits with Prosciutto (or Smoked Salmon)

I've never made biscuits in my life because when i think of them, it seems like such a complicated thing to make. I mean, you've got to have your biscuit cutters and how flaky the biscuit is depends on so many things, so when i read that this was a drop biscuit recipe, i was down to try it.  Especially cause i love prosciutto .. and parmesan. MMmmm. Giada's recipe called for Stone-ground cornmeal, but i only found the common Quaker Yellow Cornmeal so i used that instead. It tasted great to me, but its probably because i've never tasted hers ...  Trader Joes probably has the best prosciutto and parmesan for the price so i would go there.  These are SO good, MAKE THEM! Recipe

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