Chicken Carbonara

Pasta is one of my favorite foods, and when i discovered Giada de Laurentiis it was game on. She is one of the most attractive chefs ever and her food is really easy to cook!  I knew i had to try this carbonara recipe cause im not usually a cream sauce person but i LOVE carbonara.  The recipe calls for roast chicken and there is no way i was gonna roast a chicken so i Trader Joe's it.  Lemon Pepper roasted chicken, perfect.  Its kind of a heavy pasta and it serves 6, but Jason took the leftovers to work and said it was actually better the next day.  I think its because the hot pasta cooks the raw eggs enough to eat, but heating it up again will bring out more flavor or the eggs and cream. YUMMY. For sure will make this again, but will add peas to it and more pancetta! Recipe here.

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