Martha's Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies

MMmm, my hero Martha Stewart. I couldn't help but buy her Martha Stewart's Cookies book today while I was at Costco. and I vowed that I would make the first cookie that I opened the book to and totallylucked out and got the Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie and (thank god) not the Lebkuchen. Surprisingly I had all the ingredients and was ready to go. I read the recipe about 500 times and mentally prepared myself. Don't mess this up, its only a sugar cookie .. you got this. Let me tell you that I used to be a terror in the kitchen.  My family owns a very successful cafe and I've been hanging out there for about 10 years now. You would think I would know my way around a sifter and a sieve, but sadly, no. Anyways, i felt like i got through the recipe awesomely and while it was baking i sat back and watched my DVR'd America's Best Dance Crew (henceforth known as ABDC, love that show). the thing, i mean timer, beeped and my cookies looked like this:

When its supposed to look like this

         Why are mine so flat??? and pale ...

I assume i worked the dough too much and it got all soft and freaked out on me in the oven, but they tasted super good. Moist, not too sweet and a great milk dunker.  Will SOOO make these again. (Recipe here)

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