Frosting Sugar Cookies. Part 1.

OK. So i had this crazy idea that i was someone going to be that person that we all know, you know, the one that bakes all these nice looking cookies and frosts them all cute and puts them in a tin with all kinds of matching ribbon, then gives them as gifts? Yea, i decided to be THAT girl.  So i spent all day online looking at inspirations and then it hit me. DUH, i was going to make my first batch of beautiful sugar cookies of hello kitty! cause i remember buying a cookie cutter of her while i was in hong kong about a year ago. So i hauled ass to Michaels and they have everything you can imagine to frost a cookie and i spent forever and about 50 bucks there and went home and got to work.

Used Marthas Sugar Cookie recipe (different from the Old Fashioned ones) and everything turned out OK until i realized I've never rolled dough before so it came out looking all weird and bumpy and uneven.  But i figured, its fine enough to go on .. so i will.  Until, i decided to make the Royal Icing. and what a royal pain in the .. it was.   Apparently 1lb of confectioners sug
ar does NOT translate into 2 cups of confectioners sugar.  You know, i figured 8oz = 1 cup, so 16oz (1lb) = 2 cups. oh, what a mistake that was ... even at this point i didnt think anything was wrong so i kept going on adding gel food coloring to my icing. My black was rich, my pink was fabulous and even my dot of yellow for her nose was the perfect canary. I put each color in a small squeeze bottle and was ready to ice. And she looked like this:

WHAT HAPPENED?!??!!!!! well at this point, it was obvious to me that the icing was too thin and spread all over the place and maybe using squeeze bottles wasn't such a good idea.  I quickly headed over to the computer and googled how many cups in 1lb of confectioners sugar? the answer was 3 3/4 cups.  WOW, did not think i was that off. but anyways moral of the story is ... i need a kitchen scale. and at least i tried. until next time royal icing, until next time.
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