Glazed Lemon Pound Cake

oooh i can never say no to some good lemon cake. one of my fave things to do is go to starbucks and get their shaken green tea lemonade (1/2 sweet) and a lemon pound cake. and my favorite part of that cake? the thick, sweet, lemony icing on top.  too bad this particular recipe doesn't have a really thick icing, but it does have great flavor and i think one of the easiest and tastiest cakes i've ever baked. 

i learned something in cooking school this week that im really trying to follow: mise en place. it literally means "put in place" in French, and it means to gather all your ingredients all measured out so when you start a recipe, you can really go with the flow and not have to stop to get something measured.  a reason why i never did this was because well, i didn't know there was such a thing, and also because i didnt want to wash all those extra dishes. haha i'll admit it! using an extra bowl for 3 teaspoons of salt is a waste when i can just measure it out from the jar! but i completely understand this approach to cooking and will respect the French :)

look how pretty it is with sliced strawberries

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