B Restaurant & Bar, San Francisco

Finally, vacay!! Jason and I have been working so hard at our jobs (2 jobs for me) that we really haven't had a chance to hang out so memorial day weekend we took off to our beloved SF.  We had an early flight and got all settled in at noon and decided to explore our surroundings.  Our hotel was on Market street and saw some huge building called the Metreon nearby and walked towards it.  We stumbled across this beaaaautiful glass house of a restaurant and oh my, the food was delissssh :)

Love On
Grey Goose Vodka, Fresh Raspberry Puree, Pineapple Juice

Such a great afternoon delight!

Halibut Ceviche
Fresh Halibut, Mango, Tomato, Avocados, Red Onions

Hands down the best ceviche i've ever had! it was so fresh 
and clean tasting, super refreshing and the homemade
potato chips gave it a modern taste

Truffle Fries

I've never had anything truffle before and one of my goals is to
eat up Spago's Roasted Chicken with Black Truffles, but for now
these yummy fries were a hit in my book! 
The truffle oil drizzled on top was light tasting but gave it great flavor, 
paired with the garlic aioli it was fantastic.

Panini with Prosciutto, Mozzarella and Mustard Seed
w/ baby green salad

Jason love love loves panini, so this was a great for him.

Farfalle Pasta with Pesto Chicken

i usually order pasta with a tomato sauce, but this stuck out to me
and i decided to step out of my comfort zone. i loved it! 
the flavor was bold, the pinenuts added a great crunch and
 the bowties reminded me of my childhood !

it was so nice to have lunch in a glass house, 
we will be back B Restaurant!
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