Daikokuya - Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

One of my favorite places to eat in J-town is Daikokuya. they are open until at least midnight so it totally fits into our weeknight schedule. there is almost always a wait, which i dont mind cause its just so yummy.  sitting at the bar at Daikokuya reminds me so much of the time when jason and i were lost in tokyo so we ended up at a ramen joint and had the best ramen of our lives.  we might never get the chance to go back partly because we are both so busy, but mostly because we dont remember what that place was called, or even which part of tokyo it was located at.  boo, but at least we will always have Daikokuya ...

i order tuna rolls ($4) almost everytime i see them on a menu cause they are my fave. 
i drench them in lo-so soy and some wasabi, yummmmy.

these gyoza (5.95) pork & veg dumplings, are the best things ever!
they are shaped differently than normal gyoza because they are made in-house fresh everyday, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. perfecto.

aah, the long awaited Daikokuya Ramen (8.50).  A tonkotsu soup base made of boiling pork bones, fat and joints it is super flavorful and soothing.  Combined with the special ramen egg noodles, pork belly, bamboo shoots and my favorite part: the perfectly marinated hard boiled egg, this bowl of goodness truly hits the spot.

(i usually dont like photos of half eaten food, but i just had to show how perfectly boiled this egg is ... )

Go get some Daikokuya!
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