Arroyo Chop House - Pasadena

Ever since I planned a steakhouse birthday dinner for 20 for my bestie, Margarita, last summer it has become one of our staples when jase and I decided we want a nice steak dinner. As I have stated before, jase is very into being "old man" (i.e. Extra dirty martinis, boat shoes, dinner jacket) and this place suits him perfectly. Not to say Arroyo Chophouse is an old man joint, no no, I'm just saying it's a nice classic change from all the modern wonders of Hollywood.

One of my favorite things here is the pineapple martini ($12). They infuse their own pineapple vodka so it's served perfectly sweet, tart and chilled. Another must get is the garlic bread ($6). Trust me on this one, I don't have a photo, but I have the breath to prove it. Hah just kidding. We also shared a photoless chopped salad ($13). Yummm

What photos DO I have?

A perfect medium rare cowboy rib eye. We split it because it is HUGE. According to them, the reason why the steaks are sooo delicious is because the are the ONLY restaurant in Southern California that serves, exclusively, the highest grade of beef available - USDA Prime. So next time I'm at Mastros, Mortons or Ruths Chris, I'm gonna see what grade beef they have out of curiosity.

Oh, those huge onion rings ($8) were soo good. I hate when the onion ring falls apart and you end up having an onion hanging from your mouth and the breading in your hand, these are perfectly held together rings! And if you're getting potatoes, choose the scalloped ($8).

For dessert, homey apple pie ($9)!! It was practically swimming in a yum caramel sauce. The ice cream to pie ratio was perfect. How could an apple pie that looks like this go wrong? It didn't.

Arroyo Chop House
536 S. Arroyo Parkway
Pasadena, CA
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