i love date nights. i love date nights especially when i don't have to choose the restaurant. I'm definitely the worst picker ever. i always want a little bit of this, a lot of that, dessert from this one place and omg where was that place with the awesome drink? I really should live in a food court. Jason has to deal with a lot of my spaz so he usually has a place in mind when he asks me to dinner. "What about that one place we used to pass by in Glendale? Plate? Taste?" Palate, i say and i think its funny that when we used to hole up in nearby Eagle Rock we'd drive by ALL THE TIME and never think twice to go. Now that we've moved out of the vicinity, we go back. Obviously i was intrigued, given that Palate is also a wine bar.

I was a tad too overwhelmed by the copious amount of wine that was being offered on the wine list that i freaked out and ordered a "chinese democracy cocktail" instead. Why the freak out, i dont know. just thought a lychee vodka drink would be a good starter. Jason went with his classic extra dirty vodka martini. ice cold please.

For the appetizer, you really can't go wrong with the Porkfolio, a series of smoked meats (prosciutto, salami etc.) that went exceptionally well with my now acquired Savignon Blanc. It comes with homemade crisps which were light, crunchy, airy and perfectly matched the flavorful meats.

(pardon the terrible photos, it was a dark place and it was embarrassing to whip out my swarovski encrusted 3d hello kittyfied blackberry of a phone. with flash nonetheless)

Moving on the the mains:
I decided early on i'd love the Black Cod with braised celery (omg, YUM), garlic confit, sweet potato (yum) in oyster mushroom vinaigrette (a little tangy on its own, but when coupled with the other elements of the dish it was a perfect bite).

Jason's dish was also great. Day boat scallops with calamari, brussels sprouts, hazelnuts and guava. Hazelnuts and guava were def interesting but whatever the sauce was on that plate, it was moneeey.

Too bad we had a movie to catch cause i would have loved to try their desserts here. i can imagine me and my girlfriends coming here for wine, dessert and girl talk.

Good job, palate i'll be back for more.

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