Cheese Ball

im a seasonal eater. not seasonal in a whats-growing-in-my-garden kind of way, but definitely Starbucks red cup kind of way. i admit, i only go to Starbucks during the holidays cause i love sipping from that red cup. to me, it means the holidays. Something else that gets me into the holidays is seeing that Hickory Farms station at your local mall. CHEESE BALLS!!! see, i dont really love cheese. i get easy cheese on my pizzas, pick it out of my paninis and scrape it off my nachos. for me to get excited about CHEESE, it must mean its good stuff. Whats not to love about sharp buttery cheddar cheese rolled in smokey chopped almonds? i salivate at the sight of a Hickory Farms cheese ball. its kinda gross, but its really not. its just one of my many indulgences during the holidays!

Hickory Farms Sharp Cheese Ball with Almonds ($5.99)
Toasted Wheat Crackers ($3.49)

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