I love exploring out of LA, especially on the weekends cause, let's face it, anytime I can get away from a million cars on a 3 lane freeway with construction, I'm a happy girl.

We ventured out to the IE - inland empire about 30 miles east, and settled in at a fun mall named Victoria Gardens. Did some amazing shopping there, and how could u not? Urban Outfitters, Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, Apple store, American Apparel and Jasons fave MAN store - BASS Pro Shop which literally takes up an entire city block.

But the more important story is - what's for dinner? PF Changs, Yardhouse, Cheesecake Factory, yep they have all that, but didn't I see a Chick-Fil-A on the way here??? Chicken sandwich + waffle fry heaven?! I love you! We don't really have many Chick-fil-A's in LA, actually I've never actually seen one. I've had it once on the drive to Arizona and have very fond memories of dipping those nuggets into their rainbow of sauces. Mmm, moral of the story: see chick-fil-a, stop and eat.
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