March Madness

There comes a time where you feel like you've let yourself go. you know the feeling: eating everything in sight, claiming its "my birthday", "its christmas", "i can't let it go to waste .." YUP, and then it all starts to creep up on you and you say, ugh, i shouldn't have eaten those 19 taquitos.

Well that time is now for me and i feel as if it always happens around March because its the perfect 3 months after Christmas and a perfect 3 months before summer. SO, i declare March Madness eating good clean food month. No sugar, no simple carbs, no fried food, no alcohol. YES, i said it. NO AlCOHOL :) i believe all these foods are things that you can over-do it real easy so im just going to cut them out. if i say im allowed 1 cookie, im just going to eat 3. but who sits around an eats 3 chicken breasts? so, here it is. March Madness.

(i was going to upload pics of what i gorged on in the past month .. but blogger is being mean so i'll do it next time)

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