Superbowl Sunday!

We had a few people over to watch the game and it really was more about the food than the game, although im soooooo happy for the Saints!! they deserved it! great season and a great way to end it! We celebrated Drew Brees & Co by having many a beer and yummy finger foods :) i used my fail proof Giada recipes, cause on game days failure is not an option!

Who knew Wal-Mart was so festive?

Meatball sliders! Used Giada's recipe but tweaked it and added some bbq sauce too

Twice Baked Potatoes
(also Giada)

my cousins yummy spam musubi rolls

some spread: my friend Maries super yum corn dip

Farmers Market Veggies from Cuzzie

i made color coordinating cupcakes for each team and even though we weren't
rooting for the Colts, these cupcakes were a big hit!
(Blueberries & Cream, Martha Stewart's Cupcakes)

... and the Saints Cupcakes come marching in!
(Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcakes, Martha Stewart's Cupcakes)

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